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Patience Brewster Myrtle the Elephant

These whimsical pieces designed by artist, author and illustrator, Patience Brewster, are handmade to exemplify the spirit and joy of the season, including the laughter of children and the comfort of our animal companions. Nature and tradition combine to present these clever, beautiful pieces that are perfect for a special gift or to add to your collection

Each piece starts as a two-dimensional painting by Patience herself. It then becomes a painstakingly hand-carved wooden model, from which silicone molds are handmade and embellishments are created. Each resin mold can only be used approximately 30 times before the quality of details is compromised; at that point a new mold must be made. Each piece is then hand-painted to show the finest detail, from the dry-brush technique on a rotund animal belly to the intricate details of Clara’s tiny nutcracker. Other little touches like purses, feathers, and tutus are painted, sewn, and added by hand.

Due to the meticulous process each piece goes through to arrive in your home, Patience Brewster ornaments and figurines are only available for a short time and quantities are limited to stock on hand. Please order early for best selection!

  • Material: Resin
  • Dimensions: 9" x 3"
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