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Christopher Radko Model T. Frosty

As the legend goes, the Christopher Radko Company started with the falling of Christopher’s family tree, breaking more than 1,000 vintage mouth-blown glass ornaments. Christopher tried to replace them by looking far and wide in the United States and by scouring Polish glassware markets, yet he didn't find even one replacement ornament that met his requirements. He came to realize that his only option was to start completely from scratch. Working from memories of his family’s ornaments, Christopher enlisted a Polish glass blower and together they began to recreate his lost heirlooms. It went so well that by 1985, Christopher was in business. Sixty unique designs debuted that year and the rest, as they say, is history.

Today, after a quarter century, Christopher Radko Fine European Glass Ornaments are produced in Europe by a seasoned team of artists and craftsmen, many of whom have been with the company since its very inception. Each piece is meticulously crafted by hand, using Renaissance-era carving, molding, glass blowing, silver lining, hand painting and finishing processes that require both unparalleled skill and several weeks to complete.

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